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A Comprehensive Consumer Resource & Shopper's Guide for Goods Made in the USA


3M Products - abrasives, adhesives, cleaners, fasteners, etc.

All Seasons Uniforms - drop cloths & masks

LoggerHeadTools - grip tools, bionic wrench & Immix a universally designed tool with functionality of 34 tools

Michigan Ladder Co. - aluminum, fiberglass & wood ladders, also a convertible ladder

Montana Tools - drill & drive sets, round shank drill bits, driver bits, plug cutters, quick draw accessories & more

SK Hand Tool - socket, drive tools & wrenches

Stiletto Tools - lightweight titanium hammers

Stride Tool - general, air conditioning, automotive specialty, fiber optics, hose & tubing, wrenches, wire twisters & more

Warren Heim Corp. - Buzzline® Products, aerial buckets, industrial gear bags, canvas tool buckets, nut & bolt pouches, rubber goods storage, specialty tool bags, woodpecker wrap, Design-A- Bag

W & W Manufacturing Co. - replacement batteries, battery chargers & battery analyzers for Two-Way Radios, Bar Code Scanners, Camcorders, and Cellular Phones


Locations in this department are not yet included in our search

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Assorted Tools

Adjustable Clamp Co. - corner splicing clamp, handscrew clamp, bar clamps & more

Archer Tool Co. - specialty tools & accessories for welding, industrial, automotive, hobby & DIY

Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools - master sets, tool storage, socket sets, ratchets, breaker bars, power sockets, wrench sets, torque tools, screwdrivers, pliers & snips, chisels, punches, c-clamps, hacksaws & more

Blitz USA - gas cans

Bondhus - A full line of screwdrivers, T-handles, hex keys, foldups, bits, and accessories

Bonney Tool Co. - variety of wrench sets, socket sets, crowsfoot sets, found on Harry J. Epstein

Bully Tools - shovels, scoops, post hole diggers, rakes, tampers, digging bars, hoes, weeders, sod lifter, long & short handled garden tools, agricultural, barn & brush cleaning tools, asphalt, concrete, roofing & flooring tools, fire fighting & forestry tools, (much to browse) shop on & Online Dealer, Keyword Bully

Cementex - tool kits, service rolls, pliers, wrenches, sockets & ratchets, specialty tools, insulating gloves, protective clothing, tripod & tube hoist

Channel Lock - V-jaw, grip lock, cutting pliers, adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

Chapman Mfg. - ratchets & adapters for all kinds of fasteners, (print order form & fax to order)

Chicago Hardware & Fixture Co. - industrial & marine hardware

C.H. Hanson - stamps, stencils, tags, tapes & flags, utility knives, carpenter pencils, markers, chalk markers, stainless steel shims & more

Craftsman Hand Tools - hand tools - power tools are imported, see also Online Dealer

DMT - tools for gardening, woodworking, home & outdoor sport

Eklind Tool - fold up sets, L key sets, T key, screwdrivers & precision screwdrivers (call to order - new site)

Enderes Tools - union made screwdrivers, power bits, cold chisels, mason tools, punches, nail sets, star drills, screw extractors, bars, farrier tools, hitch pins & more

Estwing - nail hammers, axes, wood splitting tools, hatchets, roofing tools, pry bars, geological tools, soft face hammers, chisels & more

EZ Anchor - anchor hooks for garage

Garland Manufacturing - non-marring mallets & hammers

Harry J. Epstein Co. - Irwin Industrial items, flagging tape, recipro blades, plug taps, easy outs, fine & coarse taps, hole saw, acid & rosin cold core solder, masonry bit, screw extractor, horsepower clamps, brass torch head, vice grips, wood bits, plumbers kit, electricians kit & more

King Tool Inc. - welding & industrial tools, a few for construction, twist drills

J.H. Williams - hand tools, some imports, dealers are listed, also visit Online Dealer

Leatherman - hand tools - pruners, knives & multipurpose tools, keychain size to full size, (stray imports)

L.S. Starrett - precision tools & gauges, band saw blades & power tool accessories & hand tools, metrology systems, construction tools, also calibration & repair

Lisle Corporation - automotive tools, lube & tire tools & mechanic's creepers

Tool Wholesaler

Harry J. Epstein - many brands of hand tools, closeouts, origin marked with country flags or USA is noted in descriptions

Ladder Locks

Hook-Um Dano - adjustable ladder locks for extension & step ladders


Adams Manufacturing - quick fold step stool

Bold Industries - fire escape ladders

Little Giant Ladder - adjustable, convertible ladder

Michigan Ladder Co. - aluminum, fiberglass & wood ladders, also a convertible ladder


Worley D. Tools - 5 in 1 deck building & framing level

Hand Trucks

HarperTrucks, Inc.  - range of hand trucks for numerous uses,

Milwaukee Hand Trucks - range of hand trucks for numerous uses, Online Dealer


Bic Lighters - disposable lighters

Zippo Lighters - various lighters

Tape Dispenser

Tape Wrangler - innovative duct tape & shipping tape dispensers

Lasco Diamond Products - diamond burs, core drills

Makita - angle grinder, circular saw, hammer drill, drill kits, circular saw & more

Malco - tools for HVAC professionals & exterior remodeling such as roofing, siding & gutter

Maze Nails - many types of nails made from recycled steel

M K Diamond Saws - hand held cut-off saws, tile & brick saws, block & concrete saws & masonry saws

Moody - precision miniature tools, jeweler screwdrivers to state of the art ESD Safe hand tools, screwdrivers - slotted, Phillips, JIS-type S, star drivers (which fit Torx®) and Spline drivers, as well as Hex, Nut and Open End Wrenches in many configurations, also scribers, spring tools & dental style precision probes

Montana Tools - drill & drive sets, round shank drill bits, driver bits, plug cutters, quick draw accessories & more

Mr. Heater Corp. - portable propane, kerosene & radiant heaters, (stray imports in their lines)

Park Tool - bicycle specific tools, (watch for stray imports when you shop) 

Pelican Products, Inc. - flashlights, equipment cases, wheeled luggage Online Dealer

QPITools - demolition tools, floor scraper, shingle removal tool, mortar & slate removal tool, professional landscaping tools, garden spades, shovels, cultivators, weed extractor & more, Online Dealer, Keyword Bully

Rigid - pliers, all purpose cutter, punch & chisel sets, variety of snips, pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, pipe die heads, found on Online Dealer

Saf-T-Lite - incandescent work lights, trouble lights, extension cords, outlet power supply reels, curing lights & more, Online Dealer for common items

Schaefer Brush Manufacturing - paint brushes, furnace & radiator brushes, chimney brushes, wire end brushes & more

Scotchman Industries - metal fabricating solutions - ironworkers, cold saws, band saws, grinders/notchers

Sherline Mill & Machine Tools - precision miniature machine tools, lathes, mills, chucks, rotary tables, cutting tools & more

Shop-Vac - wet/dry vacs

SK Hand Tool - socket, drive tools & wrenches

Snap-On Tools - some products are imported, check

Snyder Manufacturing - ratchet & non-ratchet screwdrivers

Sterling Handling Equipment - wheel barrows, concrete carts, rolling motor tubs, mixing boxes & more

The York Group - casket manufacturer

U.J. Ramelson Co. - woodworking & scribing tools, paint sundries, carving sets, mini wood turning sets, veiners & parting, graphic art tools & more

Urns Northwest - hardwood & bronze cremation urns

Vaughan Manufacturing - straight & curved claw hammers, electricians claw hammer, bricklayers hammers, shingling & roofing hatchet, drywall hatchets, hook & pry bars, nail pullers, ripping & wrecking bars, soft face hammers & mallets, ball pein hammers, riveting hammers, chipping & drilling hammers, double face hammers, hand saws, axes, titanium hammers & more, use dealer locator or on Amazon

Vermont American - bits & blades, power tool accessories

Warp Bros - ribbed shelf liner, plastic sheeting, tape on window kits & oversized storage bags

Wilde Tool Co. - Original Angle Nose Plier, tongue & groove Pliers, combination/Slip Joint Pliers, Angle Nose Slip Joint Pliers, Pipe Wrench Plier®s, Hex Stock Punches, Chisels, and Pry Bars, socket sets, screwdrivers, punches, chisels, wrenches, also specialty tools used in the Industrial, Plumbing, Automotive, and Electrical markets, (shop on site)

Wright Tool - wrenches, sockets, ratchets, screw drivers, torque wrenches, hex key, pliers, hammers & more

Tool Belts/Storage/Workbench

American Workbench - beautiful and functional solid wood workbenches, also "Palmetto" work tables

Cord Pro - cord management/storage device

Kennedy Manufacturing - metal tool boxes, cabinets, modular cabinets, chests & workstations

Nailers Toolbelts - 26 pocket tool belt system, (order by phone)

Occidental Leather - right & left handed all leather & leather/nylon tool belt systems, belt free systems, tool, fastener, utility & specialty bags, electrical tool belt systems, hammer & tape holders, tool holsters, carry bags & tool totes, mason's bag, machinists tool bags & more

PDY Systems - Lift-n-Lok™ storage box for tool components, also suitable for tackle box

Talon Hooks - pegboard toolholder hooks

Loll Designs - eco-friendly tote & toolbox made from recycled materials, also outdoor furniture for adults & children, porch swings, planters, raised pet feed stands & birdhouses

Wall Control - metal pegboards & pegboard organizers, shelving, brackets, hooks, also workstations

Warren Heim Corp. - Buzzline® Products, aerial buckets, industrial gear bags, canvas tool buckets, nut & bolt pouches, rubber goods storage, specialty tool bags, woodpecker wrap, Design-A- Bag


ARC Flashlight - LED flashlights

Fulton Industries - union made range of flashlights for consumers, marine lights & government use, penlight, hardhat light, flashlight lanterns

Inova - LED micro flashlights, multi LED flashlights, multifunctional flashlights, military & law enforcement selections, (accessories are imported)

Lazer Brite - flashlight that can separate into two LED lights, also infrared units

Mag-Lite - wide range of flashlights

Tektite - flashlights

Hose/Cord/Cable Reels

Coxreels - spring drive & electric hose reels, Ez-Coil reels, hand crank & motor driven reels

Shop Aprons/Tool Rolls

Moonshine Leather - variety of leather shop aprons & tool rolls, also many other leather goods

North Star Leather - leather shop & nail aprons, also wide variety of leather goods

Air Compressors/Generators

Jenny Products - hand carried & wheeled portable air compressors

Porter Cable - air compressors & generators, also some woodworking machinery


Master Lock - union made padlocks for a range of uses, shop online

The Wilson Bohannan Co. - solid brass padlocks


Brushtech - extensive variety of common & hard to find brushes for home & garage, golf, plumbing, appliances, automotive, bathroom, kitchen, grills, laboratory, personal use, drill operated brushes & more

Tie Downs

Rope Lok, LLC - versatile no knot locking rope, different lengths for different uses


Schiffmayer Plastics Corp. - sturdy & balanced plastic carts which convert from basket to flatbed, tasket baskets, create a crate with & w/o casters, extension pole, also brooms & more


Brushtech - pipe cleaning brushes, fitting brushes, disposal brush, flexible drain brush, janitorial toilet brush, sink drain cleaning brush, gutter filter brush, vinyl tube brushes, also wide variety of brushes for home & garage, laboratory & personal use

G.T. Water Products, Inc. - environmentally friendly plungers for toilets, sinks, showers, fountains & outside drains, Drain King tool to unclog drains, Pumps-A-Lot tool to drain water from unwanted areas, pneumatic hydraulic extension hose & Safe-T-Seal test plugs for testing pressure in water lines, use Dealer Locator or browse some products on Amazon

Superior Tool Co. - plumbing hand tools

Wilde Tool Co. - aviations snips, hex key wrench, extractors, faucet handle pullers, flaring, hawk saw, hammers, pipe wrenches, metal cutting snips, sledges, torch lighter, tubing cutters, (shop on site)


Klein Cutlery - electrician & lineman hand tools, (7000 series of multi-purpose & poultry shears with blue handles are imported )  Online Dealer or order from Klein

Klein Tools - hand tools for electricians, HVAC & linemen

Malco - tools for HVAC professionals & exterior remodeling such as roofing, siding & gutter

Midwest Snips - aviation & tinner snips, specialty snips primarily used for HVAC/R, sheet metal construction, roofing & siding trades


Allred & Associates - commercial grade universal carver for reliefs, architectural details, furniture, musical instruments, gun stocks, decoys, figurines, sculptures & ship models

American Made Products - wall puller, door holder, workcenter roller & bracket, sawhorses, roller & pipe stands, saw caddy, miter saw stand, rip master, demo tools & more

Barr Specialty Tools - hand forged framing & bench chisels, draw knives, cabinet makers chisel sets, slicks & large gouges, adz & scorps, corner & swan chisels, mallets, leather guards & sharpening stones

Bench Dog, Inc. - multi-purpose featherboards, phenolic, router table, fence, cabinets, router table accessories, table saw accessories, portable saw guide, offset push stick, casement trim install tool, crown/cove cutting jig, (stray imports)

Blue Spruce Toolworks - bench chisels, carbide burnishers, draw bore pins, fishtail chisels, dovetail paring chisels, marking tools & mallets, long paring chisels & skew chisels

Bridge City Tools - heirloom woodworking tools

Delta - Unisaws, 33-400 thru 33-420 Radial Arm Saws, 33-895x Radial Arm Saw, 33-890, 33-891, and 33-892 Radial Arm Saw, RS830 Radial Arm Saw, 28-475X 14" Band Saw, 15-126 and 15-127 Ram Type Radial Drill Press, 15-234 thru 15-344 15" Production Drill Presses, & 43-460, 43-455, and 43-495X Heavy Duty Shapers

Eagle America - under Eagle America - router bits, (other brands are imported)

Flexcut Tool Co. - innovative carving tools & sets

INCRA - miter gauges & accessories, router table fences & accessories, measuring marking & layout, table saw fences, jig & fixture components, rules

Lie-Nielson Toolworks - heirloom woodworking tools

Oneida Air Systems - wood dust collection systems

Pacific Rack & Machine - tools & accessories for wood working shop

The Original Saw Co. - wood & metal cutting, radial arm saws & horizontal beam saws

Whiteside Machine Co. - manufacturing a complete line of solid carbide and carbide-tipped router bits for all your woodworking needs

Woodmaster Tools - planers, drum sanders & accessories


Archer Tool Co. - specialty tools & accessories for welding, industrial, automotive, hobby & DIY

Hobart - welders & welding equipment

King Tool Inc. - welding & industrial tools

Lincoln Electric - welders & welding equipment

Miller Electric - welder & welding equipment

Machinist Tools

Fisher Machine - audible edge & micro edge finders, V-blocks & clamps, indicator holders, micro tap guide, micro sine bar, micro V sine bar, thread measuring wires, micro magnetic chuck parallels, edge finder sets

Wood Splitter

All American Log Splitters Inc. - 6,8 & 12 ton log splitters

Easy Motion Inc. - hand operated wood splitter

Scissors/Paper Cutters/Tape

Gold Seal - pocket scissors, kitchen shears, also cordless electronic cutter for paper & fabric, Online Dealer

Klein Cutlery - fabric, paper & rubber shears, floral shears & more, (7000 series of multi-purpose & poultry shears with blue handles are imported) online dealer

Marshalltown Trowel - box cutters, Keywords Durasoft utility

Scotch - tape & wrapping paper cutters, (stray imports) found on Amazon, keywords Scotch tape or Scotch cutters, also tape dispensers


Aervoe Industries - manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, & more

Benjamin Moore Paints - paint for homeowners & professionals

Finnaren & Haley - interior & exterior paint, paint collections include Authentic Colors of Historic Philadelphia, Victorian Hues & Historic Colors of America

Penofin - penetrating oil finishes & wood stain

Sherwin Williams - paint

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. - authentic organic eco-friendly milk paint, also Safe Paint (milk paint for walls)

Painting Accessories

All Seasons Uniforms - drop cloths & masks

Earth Plastic - eco-friendly regular & deep paint roller trays & liners, paint trim cup & tray, 5 & 3 1/2 gallon paint buckets, mini roller tray & edger tray

Marshalltown Trowel - putty knives, vinyl smoother, edge knife, steel razor blade scraper, decorator's pal, opener for 5 gallon pails, quart & gallon can opener, razor knife, plastic wallpaper tray, chisel knife, graining tool, utility knife (box cutter,) paste brush, sandpaper, wood seam roller, smoothing brush, threaded wood handle, wood scraper, scraper knives, 6 & 5 in 1 combo tools, handle joint knives, line striper bottle, utility scraper pry bar, plaster crack cutter, bent glaziers, flex streamliner, wallpaper stripper, sharpening file, swivel pole sander, spray shield, drywall vacuum sander, deck scraper, trim guards, trestles, paste tables, (either go to department & browse or select department with Keywords USA made)

Purdy Painting Tools - brushes, covers, frames & accessories

Schaefer Brush Manufacturing - paint brushes, furnace & radiator brushes, chimney brushes, wire end brushes & more

Wooster - paint brushes & rollers, paint buckets & trays, Online Dealer


Beugler Striper - the Beugler Striper simplifies pinstriping and detailed paint lining on any surface

Tiling & Flooring

Marshalltown Trowel - notched spreaders, putty knives, variety of trowels, tile spacers, grout floats, refill chalk, chalk box/plumb bob, grout scrubbing sponge, grout bags, hawkbill knife, angle gauge, foxtail duster, tile stone, foam floats, speedy spreaders, quik-mix mixer, setter's trowel, pads for Superior tile cutter, tile nippers, bucket heater, (either go to department & browse or select department with Keywords USA made)

Flooring Tools

Rogue Hoe - general purpose scraper & scraper for removing tile & vinyl, hardwood flooring removal tool, also trail building tools, fire fighting tools & wide variety of hoes


EZE-LAP Diamond Products, Inc. - variety of diamond products for sharpening knives and tools.

Norton Stones - tool & knife sharpening systems for kitchen, commercial & professional, also woodworking.  Online Store


Anza Knives - hand made hi-carbon knives

Benchmade - wide variety of knives for many uses, also ordinary pens & fine writing pens, (imports on site look for U.S. origin)

Buck Knives - everyday, hunting, tactical, pocket & more.  Watch for US flag in categories

Gerber Gear - union made hunting & military knives, (shop with distributors who note origin, some items imported)

Kelgin Fine Cutlery - design your knife

Kershaw Knives - short pocket knives to long fisherman's blades, tactical knives, external toggle knives & sharpener, look for US flag to identify US made,  Online Dealer

Ontario Knives - various types of knives

Spyderco - select Catalog, Origin - US, ergonomic functional knives, also bench & pocket stones, sharpmakers & ceramic files

SOG Specialty Knives - fixed blades, folding knives & multipurpose tools

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. - pocket knives, hunting & fixed blades


Crowbar Electrical Parts - butt connectors, ring terminals, male/female disconnects, spade terminals, cable ties, covered fuse holders, fuse taps, power wire, wire & split loom, corrugated tubing, spiral split wrap, wire nuts, 3M Scotchloks, 3M T-Taps, nylon clamps, insulated pin terminals, grommets, copper lugs, trailer connectors

Lindenbaum Electrical Co. - Wire Easy electrical connection system permits easier & quicker wire and rewire branch circuits for residences in need of an electrical system upgrade

Cutting Tools

American Carbide - end mills, micro end mills, burrs, routers, carbide drills

Council Tool - axes, mauls, wedges, brush clearing tools, C-clamps, crow & other forged bars, firefighter tools, picks, sledge hammers, ball & cross pein hammers, drill hammers, wildland firefighting tools & more

Klein Cutlery - electrician & lineman tools, straight & bent trimmers, threadclips & safety pocket scissors, composite & textile industry tools, industrial hi-leverage, carpet industry & more Online Dealer

Kodiak - burs, center & spot drills, countersinks, drills, end mills, reamers, taps & thread mills

Midwest Snips - aviation & tinner snips, specialty snips primarily used for HVAC/R, sheet metal construction, roofing & siding trades

Olson Saw - band saw & scroll saw blades, power scroll saw accessories, band saw accessories and handheld saw frames and blades, including coping and mini hack saws, (stray imports are on noted on the site)

Poly-Tech Industries - quick change chucks, drill adapters, countersinks, drill bit guides, bits & accessories, master kits & display rack

Redline - tool holders, end mills, drills, reamers, center drills, thread mills, taps, burrs & countersinks

Severance Tool - specialty high speed steel and carbide (solid and tipped) cuttings tools.

Snow & Nealley - axes & mauls

SGS Tool - high performance end mills, drills & coatings, routers, burrs & drills

The Original Saw Co. - metal & wood cutting, radial arm saws & horizontal beam saws


EnviroOil - high performance, bio-degradable, environmentally safe lubricants made from renewable agricultural resources, clean & protect metal tools, gun oil, multi purpose chain & sprocket lube, chainsaw oil & fishing reel oil


Marshalltown Trowel - brick trowels, bricklayer apprentice kits, brushes, some jointers, steel & aluminum joint rakers, some sled runners, some brick hammers, some mortar boxes, mortar pails, rub bricks, wood & line level, wood line block, line twigs & pins, hawks, floor scrapers, wall capping tool, grout bags, trowel handles & bumpers, masonry guides, (either go to department & browse or select department with Keywords USA made)

Cement Finishing

Marshalltown Trowel - variety of trowels, Vibrating Screeds, power trowels, paving tools, hand & paving floats, some bull float components, some handles, hand edgers & groovers, walking edgers & groovers, screeds, screed shakers, step tools, kretes, some power trowel blades & accessories, safety edgers & groovers, corner trowel, curb tools, flat wire brooms, darbies, broom float, rubber floats, hammers, rub bricks, scratcher trowels, tampers, brooms, asphalt lute, trowel replacement handles, (either go to department & browse or select department with Keywords USA made)

Slydo Cement Tools - curb, edger, groovers, darbies & more


Odyssey Drycell - dry cell batteries for many applications

Battery Chargers

K Tool International - portable & wheeled chargers found on SmokeSign

Rizk National Industries, Inc. - portable & wheeled battery chargers, also jumper cables


Tape Wrangler - innovative duct tape & shipping tape dispensers

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