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A Comprehensive Consumer Resource &
 Shopper's Guide for Goods Made in the USA

We suggest a visit to these online malls/stores that are filled with only U.S. made goods. (No affiliation)

Made by US American Aisle

American Made Deal
Hometown USA Stores

Made in America Store
Norton's USA General Store
America's Virtual General Store

Patriot Made USAB2C Petriot, LLC

Luxe & Liberty


Buy American

Buy Direct USA By American Co.

Strictly USA

Made in USA Forever
Sierra Valley Trading Co.
American Made Survival
Great American General Store
Made in USA Products Store
Best American Arts

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American Made Marketplace

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is a consumer built, shopper friendly resource for Made in USA consumer products.  We present thousands of individual locations - departmentalized & categorized.  We also list 17 online malls filled with only U.S. made products.  Moreover, we list other helpful resources which can now be simultaneously searched from one location.  Our newest tool for consumers is a dynamic search of the prime locations across the Internet filled exclusively with Made in the USA goods.  We've dubbed this search the Gateway to the American Made Marketplace©.  It's virtually 100% free of imported products. 

By combining for the consumer the varied options mentioned above, we hope to produce a powerful tool that will introduce the consumer to the bounty of American manufacturing.  Our goal is to create ease for our fellow consumers who seek Made in the USA products.  This site will remain apolitical to better serve our goal. 

Some of us seek U.S. made goods because of economic, patriotic, environmental, labor or moral concerns.  Some of us seek U.S. made products because of their superior quality or because of health concerns resulting from the lack of regulation and inspection of many foreign made products. 

Whatever your reason to seek U.S. made goods we hope you find our site comprehensive & useful. 


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